Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Boy Sewing

As of yesterday morning, I had not sewed anything for Hugo. Doesn't sewing for boys seem a bit daunting? But then I stumbled upon some amazing tutorials, and all of a sudden found myself really excited to sew something up for Hugo.

So, I bring you my first boy sewing adventure: the 90 minute shirt. In the end, it did take me just about that long (not counting the time I sewed one without a pattern, thinking it could be done... bad idea. In truth, an old cut up onesie, used as a pattern, yields just perfect results).

Aren't the ribbed cuffs so cute? This is one thing that is apparently a secret to making boys clothing look slightly more interesting.

I also must admit, I just love the bright colors: I think this can be tricky to find in baby clothes in the store, for some reason.

Here's to sewing for boys! And I actually already have a little plan to upcycle an old shirt of mine into one for Lily, too.


Irene said...

I love it! And I also like the bonus of the adorable photos of Hugo. :)

The Benningtons said...

Adorable boy outfit! And your little guy has grown so much already - what a doll!

Adele said...

Thank you! He HAS grown up... it's hard to believe sometimes.

Kerry said...

Oh my! He's so big, and this was a month ago! He is such a sweetie pie! I love the outfit! Terrific job!