Wednesday, July 6, 2011

these are a few of my favorite things

::all of these people. they are just the best

::when my sister stays with us and all I can hear are little children running around yelling "Rene! Rene!" and I am tempted to join the chorus

::reading with a newborn asleep on my tummy

Let's see, what else...

:: baking bread with Lily, who helps by eating handfuls every now and then

::going for a walk with just my big girls

::a "date" to the midwife with no one but my two boys: I still can't quite believe we have two of them now

::collapsing into bed in the evening and realizing that every minute of my day was very well spent


Ms. T. said...

Lilly told me a little secret on Monday: While coming up from the backyard, she pulled me close to her and whispered, "I eat dough." I chuckled and asked if she was talking about the dough for the hamburger buns and she smirked, shook her head yes, and put her fingers to her lips to signify our special secret. Love that girl.

Sarah Jane said...

That first pic is beautiful. What a gang. Glad all is well.

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...


Adele said...

Michelle, I love that story! A little confession, it sounds like. :-)

Kerry said...

Such loveliness! You look so very beautiful and happy, all of you!

Lauren Oliver said...

I'm so impressed you have time to blog right now, and the spirit/energy to be so grateful and positive! I admire you, Adele!