Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Nursery

This past weekend, we embarked upon the project of getting every last thing ready for the baby. Carseat in the car (which now means we have three carseats across the back of our little sedan! Woo hoo!). Snacks ready for the labor and birth. And (this one is my favorite!) room ready for the baby. You know us: the thriftier, the better. So we pretty much used things that we already owned to decorate and prepare the room.
Here's the old garage sale rocking chair I used to nurse and rock both Zosia and Lily.

I hung a few handknit items on the walls as decoration because they're just so little and cute. And, of course, a little rocking chair (painted from the thrift store) next to a box of books for my two little mama's helpers-- now they have something to stay entertained while I'm nursing the little one.

The box is filled with favorite books, old and new... perhaps I'll inch it closer to my big rocking chair so I can take a look, too.

Our tried and true changing table, stocked with cloth diapering supplies as well as disposables (for nights, or when we go out of the house).

I made some little pendant flags-- the material, I admit, I purchased at the fabric store, and then I just sewed together little triangles and bound them together using some double fold bias tape.

And then here's the baby's little corner-- complete with nursing chair, a shelf (for me to keep some books, a burp cloth, or a water bottle on), and a lovely gifted painting from the talented Annie.

We have a cute vintage book of french children's songs, and we have it open to a favorite around here: Fais Dodo, Colas, a song about a big sister singing her brother to sleep. Just perfect, don't you think?

I will admit, I love sitting in this room-- the tiniest of the whole house-- just imagining our little one here with us!

The calendar is clear, the house is ready, and now all we have to do is joyfully wait. I think there are few spiritual practices more challenging and rewarding.


One and Doll said...

So I love that the changing table looks exactly like it did in the days before Zosia was born.

Ms. T. said...

Do I spy Tickle Monster in that bin?? Some little girls are going to need to read that book over and over and over again to their sweet new baby brother. Hugs and love for the new adventure you're about to embark on. xoxo

Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

A perfect room for a baby.

Adele said...

Rachel, it's true-- there are a few baby items that haven't changed over the years. :-)

Adele said...

Michelle, this baby has *no idea* how many tickles he will be receiving in the first days of life, if Z and L have anything to do with it.

Adele said...

Thanks, PTO mom!