Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Forgive my relative silence in this space. There have been art projects, lovely gatherings with friends, cooking endeavors and the like, but my energy is just about right to sit down and absorb it all as it happens. Documenting each beautiful experience will have to wait for zippier days.

So today I give just a few little snapshots into our days. Art projects for the littles.

A sister who has a way of swooping in and tending to new growth while I am busy tending to new growth of my own in the final days of pregnancy. Tomato plants are now in the ground, and just as those plants come to full yield this summer, that dear sister of mine will be flying off for a two-year Hatian adventure. We are letting her go somewhat reluctantly (how can we do it any other way?), but are excited to live out this journey with her family.

Two sisters who have truly discovered one another in play. There has always been play, but these days it is more often involved, attentive, gentle play, and that is a beautiful thing. Above: a little love lick (which my pregnant tummy is often lucky enough to receive as well!).

And some spring colors gracing the inside of the house.

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