Friday, May 27, 2011

Farmers Market Dresses

Finally: a finished project! Two little pillowcase dresses made from a thrifted bedsheet for my two sweet girls. I actually used a pattern, but this tutorial pretty much sums up the project, and it's easy as can be and super cute (the only difference is that I used ribbon instead of elastic at the top).

It's so nice to have a Friday morning farmer's market in the area: our local farmers market is amazing, but super busy on Saturday morning, and Friday morning feels like just the right time to go down and find some treats.

Of course I have two helpers that guide me in my selection process.

And help carry the loot.
Somehow, the bakery stand seems to be a favorite. Strawberry rhubarb pie, anyone?

And this little Lily has a way of finding every single sample basket. I think I caught her taking two!

I must say, a little effort goes a long way with these girls of mine: whenever I make them anything, they treasure it, no matter how elementary my endeavor. A squeal of delight upon waking up to a newly sewn dress is just the encouragement I need.


Sarah Jane said...

Have a great long weekend!

Melissa said...

Super adorable, indeed! I shared this post with your fellow high school alumnus & his wife over on YoungHouseLove. Her response: "Obsessed! Thanks for sharing. xo, s"

Your lovely ladies look even lovelier in their floral pillow cases :) Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Anna said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! And the pigtails? Have mercy!

Adele said...

Thanks, ladies! Melissa, I just got some inspiration from YHL for Lily's quilt! Have a wonderful long weekend.

Ms. T. said...

Found the blog via FB. So, so lovely, Adele. Couldn't be more thankful to have your lovely family in our life!


Once Upon A Parent said...

Love the dresses and oh how I remember that crazy farmers market. I miss is a lot.

Adele said...

Hi Michelle! So nice to bump into you here. :-) And Annie, you were the original inspiration for the dress-- do you remember that dress you made for Zosia? XO

Anabelle Tess said...

Very nice blog! I love your pictures and the spirit of your blog!

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful!
I love finishing things at night and have my little one wake up to find them.
Your girls are adorable - good luck for number three!