Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Metaphors

You know when you're immersed in the world of small children, there's little bits of knowledge you pick up along the way-- from a friend, from a book, from a blog-- and they just sort of sink in and become a part of what you know, deep down, to be true? Somewhere along the way I absorbed the information that there is great value in small children being immersed in the natural world. Observing things outside, talking about things outside, studying the natural world. There are so many reasons: there is beauty, wisdom, knowledge to be obtained. It is fun. But this is the one that really sticks with me: the entirety of the natural world is a metaphor, a beautiful story of our own relationship with the divine. Every animal, plant, particle in the universe gives testament to our own sacred origins, our purpose, and our destiny.

We are entering the most holy days of the year, the preparation for the Resurrection that altered everything about life as we know it. And in our household one precarious toddler is making sure that we spend plenty of time talking about Jesus, the cross, the stone being rolled away from the tomb. But we are also reading about eggs and caterpillars, marveling at the fact that the great Creator surrounded us with reminders and metaphors for the greatest transformation of all. There will come a time when it all clicks with our little ones: when they understand that all of this wonder is pointing towards something greater. But for now, we are happy for a caterpillar to be a caterpillar, an egg to be an egg, and for God to do the rest of the work in due time.

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