Monday, April 11, 2011

At the Cousins'

My children have the exquisite joy of being raised in a family with many cousins (and many more on the way, if you ask my prediction). There is, in their mind, quite simply no one in the world as wonderful as a cousin. Cousins are a class of people unto themselves, and having the chance to spend the last several days with a batch of cousins we rarely get to see was total bliss. Add in the fact that we absolutely adore their parents, and you have one happy family. There was cooking of incredible food (or eating incredible food, if you're me), relishing the opportunity to ask a mother with 18 years of experience any question on my mind, swapping clothes, and the silliness of two close brothers being together. But really, if you ask the kids, it's all about the cousins.

Above: grooming, watching "Babies" together (Zosia's favorite movie, and an amazing one at that), some salad chopping, and story time by a 6 year old who is an amazing reader.


KnitterMama said...

Gosh, we watched that movie recently and found is appalling/ fascinating.

Your girls are so lucky.

Adele said...

I think Zosia loves a) babies and b) learning about people from other parts of the world, so it's a great fit. There are definitely parts of it that make me, as a mother, cringe, but so many that make me laugh, too. :-)