Saturday, March 5, 2011

Party for a Cause

I think my two little ones felt a little like guests in their own home as they stumbled out of their beds this morning. What was filled with music, clamor, and voices at their bedtime was replaced with the usual silence of a Saturday morning. Furniture moved to new places. The house part cleaner than usual, and part filled with objects that are new and unusual. Hour by hour, a few things have gotten put away and moved back to their usual places, but there's still the punch bowl, the flowers on the table, the chairs in the living room. Zosia was a bit surprised that all of the people weren't still in the house. I mean, the party was so good, why would anyone want to leave?

It's been a classic morning after a big celebration, complete with a lunch comprised entirely of leftovers: Haitian chicken, rice and beans, and fried plantains. And we actually had even more to celebrate last night than the wonderful company of amazing friends (who really are the best): my sister and her husband are preparing for their second aid trip to Haiti this year, and so we decided to throw a Haitian themed dinner party to help them raise funds for their trip. And I must say, as someone who is fully occupied raising little children at home, it is such a gift to participate in something so important and exciting. Check out the video below to learn more about the La Croix Mission, where they're going with a big group of teenagers, and if you feel like you want to help support them, too, learn how on Irene's blog. I hear they're just short of meeting their fund raising goals!

La Croix Haiti Mission from CTTS Productions on Vimeo.

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