Saturday, March 12, 2011


And so we enter the third trimester. I'll be honest: we have been sick. Icky, yucky, sick. Aside from Lily, who, true to the picture above, is phased by next to nothing, we have been tired, sluggish, sleepy and a little teary (not to mention some other symptoms which decidedly fall into the "TMI" category). But life is still beautiful, and the real daffodils are getting ready to bloom, so what's a little flu?

And we have celebrated our several days together at home with many puzzles, some nature videos, a drastic reorganization of the linen closet, and a lot of naps. Oh, and Zosia's haircut! Just when it seemed that our little one had lost the will to live entirely yesterday, I decided to finally cut her hair, and she spent the rest of the afternoon dancing in front of the mirror saying things like, "What a cute haircut, mom!" See, the little things do make a difference (more pictures of that haircut without a hat one of these days).

Okay, sending tidings of health and spring to you all!

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