Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feb 5: I love

the ever increasing scope of the human imagination. You may think you know this little girl. You may even believe you have met her. But today I introduce to you "Jane Cousin." She's 3 1/2, just like a certain daughter of mine, but she is decidedly a big girl.

Me: Tell me more about Jane Cousin.
"Jane": Well, I was going fishing today and I felt a little tug on my pole and I thought it was a shark but I looked up, there was a huge wale. So I tried to get away from it. It went after me, but then I was safe in my house and closed the door. And I lived happily ever after.
("Jane" leaves the dining room to go fishing in the living room).

Whew! Talk about a life of adventure. Oh, and Jane Cousin has an older brother named Dan. Who knew? So there you have it, a new member of the family. Or two.

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Kerry said...

Well now, congrats on even more members of your family! The imagination is wonderful! Jane Cousin is lovely. Nora is just beginning to do some pretend play. It is hilarious! It is enhancing her relationship with her (real life) older brother though!

Adele said...

Oh, I can't wait until the kids actually play pretend together... that must be pure magic.

Irene said...

I heard about Jane a few weeks ago... Zosia said, "I don't want to be named Zosia. That's a boring name. I want to be named Jane. That's better." The grass is always greener, I guess...

Adele said...

I know, "Jane" is much less boring! Just think of all the Zosia's out there.

Irene said...

:) Exactly. She'll look back and laugh when she's older.