Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb 10: I love

It's a story today. Zosia's preschool teacher asked for a simple favor: Can you make some jello hearts for our Valentine's day party? Of course! Fast forward a week and a half later, as I unmold what can only be described as six light pink watery jellyfish from some heart muffin tins. They literally slink onto the plate, and Ben and I can only look at them and laugh (and then eat them of course!). I guess that the all natural vegan jello just doesn't have quite the same properties as the real thing.

Ben pops out to the grocery store right before it closes. At the checkout counter the clerk assumes he's making jello shots at home. A fair assumption when you have a 20 something guy buying six large packs of jello mix late at night. But here's the part I love: not only have Ben and I never had jello shots, he was buying them for his 3 1/2 year old's preschool class.

This time I make the jello according to a jigglers recipe. I say a prayer as I go to sleep, and what do you know, this morning it's just right for cutting into heart shapes. As I showed them to Zosia before we headed out the door, she could only say, "Oh, mama, they're beautiful! Thank you!"

Above: Our jello hearts and our preschooler with a "bag" full of valentines... re purposed from here).


Sarah Jane said...

Ha! Glad they all worked out. I love that preschool teacher. You're stories make her seem like such a warm, fun lady.

Adele said...

She is such a special person: I think preschool teachers are just the best!

Kerry said...

I must admit that not only have I had a jello shot, but a heart-shaped jello shot at that! ;) Hope you didn't slip anything untowards into those preschool ones! I love that she thought they were so beautiful! Darling!

Adele said...

Kerry! I knew there was a party girl beneath that wholesome facade. ;-) Just plain old raspberry flavor this time.

Irene said...

The hearts look great! And there's nothing like spontanious gratitude of a child as a special Valentine's day gift for Mama. :)

Anonymous said...
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