Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yarn Along

Her sweater is done, and she likes it! I never imagined I could actually make a sweater. But this one was quite an easy pattern to follow, and I would have finished it in under a week were it not for, ahem, motivation issues. I still feel like I need to work on picking up stitches (which I had to do for the collar and the sleeves). I've watched all the how-to videos, but somehow am not quite satisfied with the results. Does anyone have a tip?

Now I've promised Zosia her own sweater, and even purchased the yarn for it. Any suggestions for a good girly sweater for an older toddler/young kid?

While I have no photo to prove it, a friend who has spent enough time with my family to know that my reading time is divided into quite small snippets gave me a book entitled "The Essential Wisdom of the Saints," and it really is a nice way to intersperse wisdom into a full day (each quote is just a sentence or two long, and stands on its own).

Here are a few I have loved (you'll see why: aren't they both perfect for a mother of small children?):
I know God. He is a father, a mother, who in order to be happy must have his child upon His knee, resting on His heart.
--St. Therese of Lisieux

Try interrupting the meditations of someone who is very attached to her spiritual exercises and you will see her upset, flustered, taken aback. A person who has this true freedom will leave her prayer, unruffled, gracious toward the person who has unexpectedly disturbed her, for to her it's all the same-- serving God by meditating or serving Him by responding to her neighbor. Both are the will of God, but helping the neighbor is necessary at that particular moment.
--St. Francis de Sales

And as always, I'll be looking for more knitting and reading inspiration over at Ginny's page! You should take a look.


Irene said...

The sweater looks great! Nice job! :) And thanks for sharing those quotes, too... just beautiful.

Kerry said...

The sweater is almost as darling as the little lady wearing it! For Zosia's I saw a cute girl's one button cardigan by Knitting Pure and Simple. I love her patterns. They are top-down and need little or no seaming. I'm not too great at picking up stitches either.

The quotes you shared are lovely.
Thank you.
For everything.

KnitterMama said...

What a lovely sweater knit in the most beautiful yarn. I am so glad to see it and hear that she likes it. It looks really cozy and comfortable and the fit seems to be just right.

Nadja Magdalena said...

The sweater looks great! I used the same pattern, and maybe I should be better about checking gauge, but mine (for my 18-month old, knit at the 2T size)was, ahem, form-fitting. I do love the pattern, though, and will give it another go!

Anonymous said...

Awesome sweater! Great job!!!

Lise said...

The sweater looks great!

Adele said...

Thanks, guys, for the encouragement! Can't wait to see everyone's projects when I get a bit of free time this weekend. XO

chelsea said...

Nice quotes same as the sweater!
Love your blog!

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