Friday, January 28, 2011

The Tale of an Outdoor Snowday

Yesterday was a real snowday-- enough of an excuse for my handsome husband to go in to work late in favor of a morning of sledding, hot chocolate and the like. Above: my travel companion.

Here: my travel companion, with "the bump" in proper view-- I am hoping the Ergo will give me a few more months of Lily wearing through this pregnancy. (note: to those of you who helped give me advice about keeping Lily's hands warm, thank you! As you can see, her hands are nice and enclosed in a fleece suit that has little foldy things).

Zosia loves the snow this year. She loves to eat it, spontaneously drop into it to make snow angels, and sled in it. She had quite the morning.
Above: Ben and Zosia out front before we headed to the slopes (a gentle hill where the whole neighborhood takes their little ones, not to be confused with the intense mountain behind the school where the big kids go). We had a lovely time sledding, and while I love you guys, the camera stayed home. As you can see, I had plenty to carry.

Hot chocolate awaited us at home (Ben and my morning treat: hot chocolate in our coffee... yum).

Even Selma had her own special treat after a run around outside: a bone in front of the fire.

And then I discovered this little scene unfolding in Lily's room. I think this must be one of my favorite pictures. For the record, two of Lily's favorite words are "nakie" and "sorry" which actually go hand-in-hand wonderfully given the amount of, ahem, accidents that "nakie" seems to involve. Above, some wholesome reading in the nude.

The End.


Mama Michie said...

Hi there, I'm a new reader of yours, and I just HAD to comment on that sweet 'nakie' picture! Haha, what a sweetheart! 'Nakie nakie' is what we say here- and I agree- it does often go hand in hand with 'uh oh'!

Great entry- you had me smiling the whole way through!

Kerry said...

So sweet! What a lovely day and that last picture and the story to go with it are a treasure!

Vicki said...

I actually feel like I've been in the snow. What a great day for you.

Adele said...

Michie, glad to know that the love of "nakie nakie" extends beyond our household. :-)