Friday, January 7, 2011

Present and Grounded

I've been slowing down a bit this past week, and somehow life around me has been keeping pace and even speeding up. A few days in, I realized that simple practices of self-care and cultivating joy were more important than ever. So, in the past few days I have:
  • taken a nap every afternoon when Lily naps and Zosia takes her quiet time.
  • accepted help to accomplish the basics, and then accepted some more help to take a long bath.
  • tried to accomplish at least one task each day that will not immediately be un-done (laundry and dishes are more of a cycle than a chore around here, but something like taking a box of donated items to the thrift store, or cleaning out a drawer, feel more lasting).
  • stopped absolutely everything I was doing when things started to feel crazy to just sit down and play with the kids.
Work is still busy, my pregnant body is still adjusting to new life it's creating, but I do feel joyful and present amid all of the life that's happening around me.

How are you staying present and grounded?


Kat said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my blog recently. I know what you mean about getting at least one thing done every day. I know I'm doing a really important job breastfeeding a little baby all day every day, but I feel much better about my day if I do at least one thing other than feeding and washing nappies!

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