Thursday, December 30, 2010

While I Was Out

I have noticed that I will often leave the children to do some little task, like start the laundry, or answer the phone, or pop in the shower, and return to what can only be described as creative mayhem. There is the time that salt had been poured all over the table, and the children were "drawing" in it. The many times that my littlest found her way to a source of water and created her own waterpark. The refrigerator has been opened and emptied, the trash gone through, you name it, we have seen it.

And while there is a little (who am I kidding? substantial) part of me that cringes at the disruption of order, I have to hand it to these kids, they are creative! There is beauty in their curiosity, and I love every little bit of their journey into the world.

So I have decided that just as I document our joint creative endeavors, I will do my best to capture these little moments. And just so you don't have a heart attack, I will start with a tamer incident.

Above: Zosia and Lily discover a bag of donation clothing and create their own dressing room. For the record, Lily chose to wear the sweater just like that, half over her head, for the majority of a morning.

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Kerry said...

Such sweet and funny little ones. Looking forward to their antics!