Monday, December 20, 2010


It really is incredible, the energy that an imminent birth can create. From baking to sewing and just all around tidying, it is unstoppable. And sure, the pregnancy hormones can help, but I think that anyone who has anticipated something incredible, a guest, a dream, a trip, has experienced it too. Our whole being tries to prepare our space for a wonderful new thing, and it is exhilarating.

My sister the artiste helped frost the gingerbread this afternoon. I just want to move into one of those little houses.

I have been stealing moments to sew classic totes for gifts-- really quite easy, and I am smitten by the french seam!

And these two are full of wonder and curiosity, asking questions like, "Is it the real Santa, or the fake Santa who comes on Christmas morning?" Even their imaginary games have taken on an Advent theme, with characters like the wise men and shepherds entering the scene. Lily runs to our evening Advent celebration each night going "Fft! Fffft!" which is her noise for blowing out the candles.

Yes, I think "nesting" starts to capture the excitement in our little neck of the woods. Any nesting where you are?


Sarah Jane said...

Ah, I loved Christmas when I was pregnant. I think you feel a connection like no other time. Do you know the song Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant. Such a good one. Happy nesting!

Adele said...

It is a beautiful one! We're lucky to have a radio station which plays beautiful christmas music 24/7. I agree, the connection is incredible.