Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Prints

On the morning that sweet Lily was born at home, many things happened. We ooed and aahed at a wondrous new life. We made some introductions (Lily to a sleepy Zosia, Lily to a beloved aunt, Lily to a grandma).

I took a long hot shower, which was amazing. Then we all settled down for a well deserved nap. Somewhere in there, Lily was weighed using the cutest little scale , and then footprinted. And, I hate to admit it, but those precious newborn little footprints just sort of lingered on our dresser, accumulating dust and the occasional coffee stain (notice very few pictures of our delightfully cluttered bedroom!).

Now those of you who have spent time with a newborn know that few things stay tiny for long. They grow, and oh how quickly they grow. So those tiny footprints are a treasure!

The other day, Ben scanned the stained tattered original for me and we printed the footprints onto some nice cardstock. They are now framed and protected, and I smile when I look at them, because not only are they a reminder of a wonderful day, but a wonderful new beginning.


dream man said...

nice blog.... i like it.....

Sarah Jane said...

This is the BEST idea. Wow! I just ran across Caroline's and was feeling bad they weren't anywhere significant.