Friday, November 19, 2010

Sick Day Cake

I had an honest to goodness sick day today. One where I stayed in my pajamas, took a long bath, stayed in bed when at all possible, and took a long nap in the afternoon. Whew, how long has it been? It's a rare luxury, such a sick day!

I was doted on by two little silly girls and one very sweet husband, and we decided to celebrate such a day well spent with a meal of hot chicken soup followed by delicious coconut layer cake. Zosia made us sing happy birthday to her, which seemed only fair, since Lily made us sing happy birthday to her before she proceeded to blow out our dinner candle. And after a day full of remedies from vitamins to juices, I think that cake was the best medicine of all.


Irene said...

What a great nursing staff! :) I hope you're feeling better.

appledapple said...

Now that is truly the right way to end a sick day, singing birthday songs and all!