Saturday, November 27, 2010

In which we get away

Ben and I snuck away. At least that is how it felt-- tiptoeing out the front door while Lily slept and Zosia played with blocks. We had said our goodbyes. Lined up pajamas on beds and laid out food on the counter. We left the babies with two women who are like second mothers, and off we drove with turkey sandwiches and many hours of uninterrupted time together.

We went on a walk along dim country roads, stayed at yet another cute little b and b in rural Virginia (with a claw foot tub in our bedroom! Man, have I been missing out), pondered questions like, "And what should this next little one be named?"

Slept in, drove right into the mountains and embarked upon a challenging hike-- a long hike that my burgeoning little hiker isn't quite ready for. Just when our ears were frozen through and our tummies grumbling, we stumbled upon the loveliest little lodge, complete with piping hot coffee, restrooms, and a warm hearth.

It was just perfect-- a little miracle to top off the loveliest of weekends. We drove home along winding roads, and I just couldn't help myself: we stopped along the way to pick up a Christmas tree as a special surprise for those two smiling little faces waiting in the front window.

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Kerry said...

Oh my, what a wonderful time! Good for you both!