Friday, October 8, 2010

Through the Ordinary

Many thanks to Kristen for passing along these beautiful words. I hope they carry you through the weekend!

Through the Ordinary
- Fr. Pat Twohy, SJ

It is through the ordinary,
through ordinary
eyes and hands,
through our flesh and blood
and the flesh and blood
of our children,
that a Great Power
comes into the world.
Through simple lives,
humble and forgotten,
the Spirit races
through the world
touching everyone,
touching everything
with a sovereign dignity,
with a forgetfulness of self,
surrounding all with
an incomprehensible silence
that, for those who hear,
becomes the sound
of spirits singing.
And it does not matter
whether we move forward
or backward in time,
flesh and blood are there,
and the Silence,
and this immense Song
which we, too, can sing
if only we allow it
to enter our ordinary bodies
and change us
into something entirely new.


Angela said...

Beautiful !

karla camille foronda said...

Beautiful words:)
you have a very nice blog here.
May you continue to spread words and inspire people through your blog.
thank you for inspiring me with this one:)
I can sense you are a good mother to your children.
may you continue being a responsible one.
good luck with your family life.

try to visit my blog too.thank you.
much love♥

Lauren Oliver said...

The girls are getting soo tall! I want to see them before they grow too much more!

Irene said...

What a beauiful poem. Thanks for sharing it!

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