Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Beginning

It's a tradition around here for me to snap a picture of Ben on the first day of a new job. Above: this morning, on his way out of the house (Lily doesn't seem quite as excited as Ben). Below: on his way out of our apartment some five years ago starting his previous job (will there be a day that I look back upon today's picture and think Ben looks as fresh-faced as he does in the last?).

It feels a bit like the first day of school. Ben even requested that I give him a haircut last night, isn't that cute? And there is certainly that buzz of excitement: a new workplace, a new work community, a new project. He's thrilled, and that sort of means we all are. And who could complain about the new dress code? A t-shirt and shorts? Yes please!


eKay said...

I love that tradition. We have it in our family too for the first day of school.
And...loved seeing that picture of your old place. I still walk by it sometimes and think of you all!

Johanna said...

Winslow starts a new job tomorrow and I will be giving him a hair cut too!
It does feel like the first day of school doesn't it?
I even bought him some new lunch box gear so that he can enjoy his lunches more.
Good luck to your hubs as he starts his new job! Whata great dress code!

Adele said...

What a sweet idea with the lunch gear! Good luck to Winslow, too!