Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Culinary First

While the toddler was doing this (I love the tongue stuck out in concentration):

The baby and I were doing this:

(making granola). A generous characterization, since we all know that babies mainly like to stand at the counter and eat whatever is being made, Lily being no exception. This morning was her first attempt at cooking, but hopefully not her last. I had this realization yesterday that at this age Zosia was "helping" me in the kitchen all the time... but somehow with Lily I'm either too distracted, or perhaps not in quite as big a hurry for her to grow up. In either case, she seems to enjoy it, and she was quite a big help mixing (aka: pawing at) our granola. Yum.

How do you involve your kids in your household?


Lady Ren said...

I involve my kids in everything! Sweep, dustbust, set the table, cut mushrooms/tofu, bread or panko the fish/chicken, carry laundry, transfer laundry, make their beds and if they pee on the toilet/floor they know where the clothes are kept!-
When they complain I tell them the reason I had kids is beause I needed helper monkeys-

Adele said...

That sounds wonderful! Send them on over here if they ever get bored... ;-) I am totally on board with the helper monkeys. Doesn't it seem like kids really enjoy it, too?

Once Upon A Parent said...

They are getting so big. I just love seeing how you all are spending your days.

Johanna said...'s so sweet to see any babe engaged in the kitchen. so creative!

Christian @ Modobject at Home said...

Her curls are delicious! The tongue is adorable!

Margo said...

I'm impressed that she can paint unaided! I think painting is A Big Deal and we don't do it very often around here :)

My kids help set the table, fetch and carry for me, put clothes in the washing machine, cut mushrooms or snip herbs, mix pancake batter, call daddy for supper. . .I've noticed how satisfying real tasks are to them.