Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 23: I love

silhouettes. They're so lovely and elegant and classy. When I saw these silhouettes, I knew that I wanted to do something similar for our family-- make a silhouette of each person so that we can remember how they are at this moment. And with a few clicks around on the Internet (what would I do without you?), I discovered that it's quite easy to do using Photoshop (or in our case, our linux equivalent... yeah, I am married to a computer guy). So here's our first silhouette, me. I made mine on the computer, printed it, and then cut it out of black construction paper. Hopefully I'll upgrade to some fancier black paper next time I go to the paper store. I think I might add some pearls around my neck. Ben is coming soon, and those two sweet girls of mine as soon as I remember to take a profile picture of them when they're awake.

Now I need to find some funky vintage frames at the thrift store like this or this or this.

And for the record, my silhouette is definitely not going to be hanging over the mantle permanently! I just haven't figured out where, and the babies are napping so I can't nail any holes in the wall at this moment so I subbed it in for existing artwork (a silhouette of birds, actually). Perhaps in the hallway?


amandaginn said...

I love this idea. I think they'd be beautiful in a hallway or in a master bedroom or bathroom.

And definitely add the pearls!

sara said...

I know all about linux too as I am married to a computer guy as well!!! Bless our hearts. :)
p.s. Your silhouettes are quite lovely. Great job!

JT said...

I LOVE silhouettes too - we had a cameo theme for my daughter's first birthday tea party (meaning we wore cameo pendants and I decorated gifts, door sign, cake and cards with a cameo design) and the door sign is a cameo drawn from her silhouette, which I will eventually frame.

I hope to someday have something like this around our house:

Kerry said...

Gorgeous! I have a friend who did her whole family last year and they are amazing! I'd love to do this as well! No photoshop though. I'm sure I can find another way...

Once Upon A Parent said...

What a great project! And I love that the computer helped in more ways than one. I always thought silhouettes were so tough.

Anna said...

Oh, I have wanted to do this! Yours turned out so, so lovely.

オテモヤン said...


Irene said...

You might check Mom's basement for frames. I seem to remember something similar to what you're looking for. Great idea!