Saturday, January 16, 2010


We cleaned the house out... even the window sills.

The guests arrived to a tower of cupcakes. Oh, to see the joy on the faces of those five children. Not to mention my own.

And the birthday girl, that sweet niece of mine, loved the hat I made her.

It was a lovely afternoon with laughs, stories, and some of the people most dear to my heart.


Lauren Oliver said...

I'm so impressed that you knitted that hat! How did you eventually find a pattern? My Mom gave my sister-in-law a certificate for knitting lessons for Christmas last year but she never used it, so now my Mom says when I move back, we're going to go all together. :P

One and Doll said...

Did you run out of cupcake wrappers?

Adele said...

Lauren, the pattern is on, a wonderful site for knitters. Rachel, yes, I ran out of wrappers. Very observant. ;-)

Kerry said...

Sounds like a good time. I'd love one of those cupcakes right about now! I'm working on my second Jane hat. This one is for me. ;)