Monday, January 4, 2010

An Ornament Book

I've always wanted to be intentional about Christmas ornaments-- getting at least one special ornament for each child every Christmas and then passing those ornaments along when the chicks are ready to leave the nest. So this year I'm starting a tradition: snap a photo of the ornament, give a taste of context, any significance, and then put all the photos together in a special little book that will accompany the ornaments. That way each child will not only have a box full of ornaments, but a book full of stories and memories, too.

Here's one entry:

Year: 2009
The Family: Zosia is 2 and enjoying her first "aware" Christmas, singing carols and talking about Jesus. Lily is 8 months and crawling all over. Mama and Papa agreed that it was the most beautiful Advent yet.
Significance: Just a pretty ornament. Since we finally feel all settled in Virginia, it felt appropriate that it was a cardinal: not only the state bird, but also a frequent visitor to our deck!

How are you keeping your memories alive this Christmas?


Once Upon A Parent said...

that is a beautiful idea! so thoughtful! happy new year friend. i sure do miss being over there in VA.

Anna said...

Now that is a good idea!