Thursday, January 28, 2010

Naptime Tunic

To clarify: this tunic is not for naptime, but rather it was made during naptime-- a charmed hour and a half that I had this afternoon when both of my sweeties were blissfully sleeping. I came across this tutorial this morning, and it claimed that it only took an hour or so to make a cute little peasant top for your toddler, so I thought, why not? I have tons of thrifted bedsheets laying there just tempting me to try new projects (I was tickled to find that a single pillow case yields almost the perfect amount of fabric for this toddler-sized top. And it saves you from having to do the hem if you just use the existing hem).
And it really would have taken an hour if I were not such a beginning sewer. Although, I am quite proud to announce that I did something that I have been dreading for months now: adjusting the tension. And I am so glad that I did it, because the machine works wonders now.
Now if I could just find an adult version of this shirt, I would be all set.


Ginny said...

very cute, I am going to try something similar for Larkspur's birthday which is in about six weeks. Nothing ever takes me an hour though. I always take forever.

Once Upon A Parent said...

Oh that is adorable. I am truly impressed that you whipped it up during nap time. Simplicity has a pattern #3835 that is a really similar top for mamas. I got one a few weeks back, and can't wait to make it for spring. I just have to find it now.

KnitterMama said...

Oh my gosh, you adjusted the tension?! I am terrified of that!!! I stay so far away from the dial on my machine... The top is adorable!

Kerry said...

So, so cute! I have a new bag of fabric given to me by my mom. I can't wait to dig through it to find just the right stuff to make this. Hard to believe that my 11 month old will be big enough for this by spring. She's in 18 month clothes already! What a darling little model you have there!

Adele said...

I'm slow too! I promise, it's a quick sew. Thanks for the pattern, Annie. Can't wait to check it out. Kerry, that sounds like such a lovely gift. A bag of fabric... I might copy that. And yes, the tension is now fixed and I hope never to have to touch it again!

Once Upon A Parent said...

Check out this dress. It reminds me of Z's shirt, but for an adult and its long.

Happy sewing