Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello Operator

We've been becoming more and more creative with our time indoors around here-- which is my optimistic way of saying that the combination of sickness and cold weather have succeeded in keeping us hunkered down in this warm home of ours for many days now. And we've been trying to make the best of it-- Monday night we played with my sister Irene and made our 6-minute chocolate cake, Tuesday we actually made it out for a walk (ah, to go for a walk), Wednesday I gave Ben a break at home and the kids and I went to the petstore and out to lunch, and then Thursday I was fully convinced that I was all better when, as I opened my mouth to greet Ben on the phone, I realized that I had lost my voice. So back to square one.

I'm always amazed how simple household objects have a way of capturing the imagination of children. Who needs noisy store bought toys when a simple old fashioned phone (one that we used for many years and has since been sitting in the basement) provides such great amusement? I only wish I were standing a little closer so I could hear her whispered conversations.

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