Friday, December 4, 2009

Our Simple Advent

We have developed a rhythm for a simple Advent celebration. Every night, after the dishes have been cleared and the tummies filled, we gather around the coffee table in the living room with some sweet treats, a candle, our Advent calendar, and a Christmas book. We light a candle while singing a verse of "O Come O Come Emmanuel," and then our sweet little Z opens one of the Advent doors-- which hold a yummy surprise, and another part of the nativity (I must add here that she has learned so much about waiting and patience these days, as the advent calendar is out in plain view all day and she has not yet even attempted to open one of the future doors! More self-restraint than I can boast). We eat a special treat, sing a Christmas song or two, read our book, and then blow out the candle. Only 15 minutes or so, but such a powerful centering part of our day; a beacon of light in the dark evening.

In planning simple sacred celebrations for our young family, it has been a challenge for me to remember that short and simple is important-- the theologian in me always seems to want to include more complex rituals and deep readings. But really, for our family right now, a candle, a treat, and a song seems to work just as well.

What sort of rituals have you developed for Advent?

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