Friday, December 25, 2009

God Among Us

Somehow I realized that songs, music, good feelings, beautiful liturgies, nice presents, big dinners, and many sweet words do not make Christmas. Christmas is saying 'yes' to something beyond all emotions and feelings. Christmas is saying 'yes' to a hope based on God's initiative, which has nothing to do with what I think or feel. Christmas is believing that the salvation of the world is God's work and not mine. Things will never look just right or feel just right. If they did, someone would be lying...But it is into this broken world that a child is born who is called Son of the Most High, Prince of Peace, Savior.

-Henri J.M. Nouwen, The Road to Daybreak

We gather with friends and family, exchange presents, eat special food, all to try to grapple at our deepest joy-- God has come to be with us. Is with us. Here, in this imperfection, something magical has happen, something shocking and wonderful. So today I wish you all a beautiful, sacred, day, filled with that hope. That truth. Merry Christmas! And may your celebrations be joyful, beautiful, and made complete by God among us.

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