Monday, December 21, 2009

Enriching Darkness

The darkest day of the year is upon us. Upon whose arrival I would usually groan, or long for warmer days, or fast forward to tomorrow, the first lengthening day of the year. But I am lucky enough to be a part of a group of wise women-- women whose presence in my life deepens, expands, enriches. And upon our winter meeting this year, one of these wise women shared some words about this darkness that is upon us. Words that shifted my imagination, opened my spirit to receiving the blessing of this day, the winter solstice:

Kinds of Enriching Darkness
nurturing darkness
comforting darkness
sheltering darkness
restful darkness
restorative darkness
protective darkness
supporting darkness
love-making darkness
tender darkness
soft, gentle darkness
clarifying darkness
emancipating darkness
transforming darkness

We covered ourselves with dark shawls--and felt the warmth, comfort, shelter that such darkness creates. And today, on this dark day of winter, I wish you such blessings and many more.


Once Upon a Parent said...

That sounds like a neat group of women to belong to. Happy Winter!

michael r. brown said...

beautiful perception of the depth of darkness. thank you. :)

[ i published a book called "tender darkness"! ]