Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Little Bit of Magic

One of the joys of motherhood has been the discovery that I am only one of the many people who inspires, loves, cares for my children. As Zosia has grown up it has been scary, and then exciting, to give her the space to develop relationships with some of these people-- friends, family members, other children. And as I have released her to build these relationships, I have realized that there are gifts and contributions that these people make that are special, unique, different than what I could offer on my own.

My aunt was probably my favorite person in the world while I was growing up. She always had something magical-- a story about that creatures that live under the earth, a beautiful bead, a little secret to share. Seeing her with Zosia brings me so much joy, because I know that they are now the possessors of that magical relationship, and I am only on the outside looking in. Often when Zosia comes home from an outing with my aunt, there are some remnants of their time together: a stick with an acorn stuck on top, a fan of leaves, a basket full of rocks. I know that each of these items is part of the magic, representing creatures and torches, and who knows what else.

Sometimes after their morning together, my aunt will send along a few pictures, like this one. It's only another clue, something that lets me imagine, remember. And when I see a glimmer in my sweetheart's eye, when I see her trying to fly in the backyard, I smile knowing that I was once in her shoes.

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