Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Christmas Shopping Update and Ideas

I've done it! Despite repeated efforts, this is the first successful year that I have completed my Christmas shopping prior to Advent. I am filled with relief about the fact that I will not have to brave the Christmas crowds, spend my Christmas eve wrapping presents, or start buying random items just to complete my Christmas list. And now I am hoping that since I have cleared my "to do list," I will be able to create a space in my home for watchful waiting, anticipation, searching. That I will be able to pray, listen, carve out a space for the Christ child in my home.

There are still things that I have to do, items left to sew, vests left to knit. And I actually hope that I will do some shopping during Advent-- but not out of a sense of panic, but rather out of love and intentionality. Because there are few greater joys than slowly, thoughtfully, picking out something beautiful for a person that you love.

But, at least this year, there will be no running around, no last minute mall trips (or mall trips at all, if I've played my cards right). And I'm feeling joyful and excited about some of the presents that I'm giving (FAMILY SPOILER ALERT!). Here are a few of the things that I'm excited about:

  • A homemade Waldorf doll for my eldest-- and, while I'm so glad that I used a doll making kit the first time around, I think this would be a very manageable project to do without a kit.
  • A knitted wool vest for my wee baby-- and actually, my big girl too, since I seem to have gotten my sizing off and am mostly done with a vest that is too big for Lily.
  • Tastebooks for all the women in my husband's family. I am so tickled by this idea-- a professional looking cookbook that you can make on your own and order to your house. I can't wait to get mine in the mail-- and I'll be sure to give you a peak inside of it!
  • Tickets to a wonderful outdoor concert venue in our area.
  • Some things that are neither here nor there-- lotions for some of the teenage girls, a survival tool for the pre-teen boy.
And then one hope for Advent is that we will have the inspiration and energy to give each person a little handmade gift in addition to their "main gift." I'll let you know how it goes!

How about you? What gifts have inspired you? How are you preparing for the holidays?


Anonymous said...

"That I will be able to pray, listen, carve out a space for the Christ child in my home."

This line really hit home with me. Yes, yes, yes!

Anonymous said...

Good for you! And good for your family. Making space for the coming One is wonderful. Peace!

Irene said...

Would it be okay if I made little animal finger puppets for the girls?

Adele said...

Okay? That would be wonderful!