Monday, October 19, 2009

The Laundry Challenge

One of the mysteries of parenthood has been how going from one to two children results in more than twice as much laundry. Much more. And we were doing cloth diapers with Zosia (and are not with lily), but even including those, we currently have much more laundry.

I never seem to be able to dig myself out from all of my laundry obligations-- and one of the few chores that I truly do not enjoy is putting away clean laundry (washing, folding, I can do. Putting clothes away not so much).

So Ben has given me a brilliant idea, which is to complete one load of laundry each day. Just one load from start to finish-- including putting it away in our drawers. So far it has worked wonderfully. There are days that it just doesn't happen, which means that in the end I do about five loads a week, which is about right. And hopefully I will be able to make doing a load of laundry a day a simple part of my daily routine.

Let's see if this idea sticks around. I'm hoping it does!

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