Tuesday, October 13, 2009


We had the first fire of the year this past weekend. There's nothing quite like pulling all of the pillows and blankets onto the floor, cuddling up next to the fire, and spending the evening together. It never gets old.

And then we were lucky enough to have a second fireside evening-- with good friends, a board game, and hot chocolate.

Both mornings, Zosia was quite surprised to see that the fire was not still there in the morning, asking something like, "Where's mine fire? Fire go bye-bye?" And I had to explain that, just like little children, the fire goes to sleep at night.


Sherri S said...

I love a fire! Outside, the fireplace, camp out...any of them. What a cute explanation to your little girl! I like it.

Sherri S said...

Thanks for stopping by and being a follower!! :-)