Thursday, September 24, 2009


We've been hemming and hawing about taking a true vacation this year. To go or not to go? Where? When? Obviously, this has resulted in us procrastinating with the whole thing. As those of you with small kids know, a vacation just can't be quite as spontaneous with kids as it is en seule. There are the preparations, the schlepping of stuff, the car trip, and then the issue of sleep while traveling (does it happen? how do those kiddos know so innately that they're in a new place?).

We're still sort of toying with the idea of getting away for a long weekend before the truly cold weather sets in. But in the mean time, Ben and I have committed to taking lots of mini-vacations. The truth is, we live in an amazing place. There are mountains, farms, parks, lakes, not to mention (free) museums and zoos, all within a short little drive. And these mini-vacations have been surprisingly smooth and restful for us all-- including the little kiddos in tow.

Here are some pictures from the mini-vacation we look yesterday evening (mid-week! Can you believe it?)

Where have you been traveling?


Once Upon a Parent said...

where did you go? it looks like an island...steel drums playing in the background? drinks with umbrellas?

Adele said...

Ha! Yes, the bahamas! Between dinner and bedtime. :-) Actually, we hopped over to lake Barcroft. Have you been there with the boys?

Once Upon a Parent said...

Lake Barcroft, I have never been, but now wish I had. What a great idea!