Saturday, August 22, 2009

On Your Second Birthday

Dear Zosia,

You're two today! What a special day. You're in bed right now, but we just had a wonderful day filled with chocolate cake, a new rocking horse, a set of blocks, and lots of reading and singing. There was a big rainstorm today, but that meant that we could stay together and enjoy some time together with our family.

We're so happy that you joined our family two years ago! There are many gifts that you share with our family and those around you: you have a deep concern for others when they're in need-- the other week when your mom got a blister, you spent the whole week asking whether she was “All better?” each time only relaxing once you were assured that she is just fine. You love to share things that you really enjoy-- today when you were having a fun time pretending to eat a block, you really wanted your dad to enjoy pretending to eat one too. You have a deep love for your friends and family members: there is no time that excites you quite as much as when you get to see your Baba and Dziadzus. You notice all sort of beauty around you-- this morning you ran to your mom and said "Zosia find butterfly!" and led her to the front door, where there was a little moth resting. We never would have noticed it. And you're a gentle and loving big sister: you squeal with excitement each time your sister “Luca” wakes up, you bring her toys and a pacifier when she is crying, and you have loved taking a bath with her the last two days (you even poured water on her to make sure she was clean). We really couldn't ask for a more sweet little daughter.

This year there are many things that you have learned: you have learned to walk, to talk, to run, to read books (with your mom and dads help), to sit in a chair, to sing, to dance, to blow out birthday candles, to count (to 17 one time!), to finish nursery rhymes, to give hugs and kisses, to help to unload the dishwasher, to set the table, to cook with your mommy, and to be a big sister. You're quite a skilled little girl! Your favorite foods are apples, cereal with milk, sprinkle toast, raisins, and you requested chocolate cake for your birthday. You love taking walks to visit your friends and have really delighted in spending time with friends-- especially neighbors and your cousins. You just went in a sprinkler this past week, and you loved it. We have been reading you “Misty of Chincoteague,” and even though there are parts that you don't understand yet, you still enjoy it. And you love getting dressed up in silly things-- butterfly wings, cloths that cover your head, funny hats.

We hope you have a very special year filled with lots of beauty and excitement. We can't wait to spend it with you!


Your Mommy and Daddy


Sedna-is-my-own-last-name said...

what a sweet letter to such a sweet girl. I love the name. Is it Polish?

What a big year Zosia had too! And, eating your second birthday...what could get better than that!?!

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Zosia. To a sweet little one that fills so many people's lives with smiles...and that is only in two years!