Monday, August 10, 2009

Empty Tank

A friend just reminded me of that scene in a Seinfeld episode where Kramer is driving on an empty tank and gets hooked on the thrill of it. That's how I feel this week, but with groceries. We are not doing groceries this week. We're just skipping them. Which should actually be surprisingly okay, I think. The truth is that over the last several weeks, we have gathered up several pantry items, we still have a few frozen meals from our pre-birth preparation, and we inherited a bunch of veggies from friends who are out of town for a few weeks. Plus we picked up a couple of fruits/veggies at the farmers market. And we were low on milk on Saturday so Ben picked some up.

I have promised that if we run out of bread I will actually make some, and my contingency plan is that if we run out of food we're showing up at some unsuspecting friends/family member's house to bum off of them. It feels a little crazy, especially for someone who's been doing regular weekly grocery trips (with a meal plan in hand) for years now. But I'm liking the thrill of it! And I'll let you know if any crazy meals result from this experiment.

And now I'm off to try to lie down for a bit while my mother's helper is still here and Lily is taking a nap. Since when is waking up every two hours an appropriate course of action for a baby? Especially one who's been "sleeping through the night" for weeks now? Argh.

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