Sunday, July 26, 2009

Simplifying Clothing

We have had a whirlwind of a week, punctuated by some quality time with extended family, a beautiful wedding, and a lot more hopping around the county than we're used to-- all of which was amazingly smooth considering that we had two under two in tow. When we got home from the reception yesterday, everyone was exhausted, and Ben and I didn't waste a moment in getting out of our wedding gear (we were both in the wedding). I took off the high heels that I am totally not used to wearing, the crazy uncomfortable underwear, the dress, and I could feel my whole body breathe and return to its normal self. As I walked around the house in a loose sundress and some flip flops I was so thankful that it is only once a blue moon that I have to bind my body up in the way that some people do on a daily basis (can you imagine wearing heels to work?). Hours later, as I was falling asleep, I could still feel phantom pressure of the heels against my toes-- they had been so awkwardly uncomfortable. This morning I literally hobbled out of bed.

I love clothing and style. But, at least as long as the trauma of this weekend is still embodied in my two feet, I'm thinking about what clothing is, how it functions, what we expect from it. Beauty is one thing that we can all appreciate-- and those heels I wore yesterday were definitely beautiful-- but at what cost? And what do we prioritize when we clothe these precious bodies of ours?

Shoe choice for today? Barefoot and beautiful.

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