Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Don't Wanna Grup

Check out this New Yorker article on "grups" ("Also known as yupster (yuppie + hipster), yindie (yuppie + indie), and alterna-yuppie"), a breed of adult that I have definitely noticed but never named. At first Ben insisted that we are grups-- he has the chunky glasses, I have the clothes, and we definitely played indy music for Zosia at bedtime for the first year of her life. But no, upon reading the article, I recognized that we are not technically grups because grups are 40 year olds who are pretending to be 20 something hipsters, but we are still 20-somethings. But since we have the kids/ mortgage thing going on, I do feel a certain camaraderie with these peeps (except for the paying 400 bucks for the distressed jeans. That's just crazy).

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