Friday, July 3, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

We all have them. Whether it's picking up that tabloid magazine at the checkout counter, watching a reality show, eating dinner at the drive-through. There are things that are truly rejuvenating and life-giving like taking a long bath or slowly enjoying a square of dark chocolate. These are not guilty pleasures. No, guilty pleasures are the ones that feel like they will be wonderful, energizing and delightful and then just leave you feeling smarmy.

The reason that Ben and I effectively gave up all commercial television was because it just left us feeling gross. It seemed like it would be relaxing, and then you turn on the TV and before you know it you're watching a reality show about some unhappy rich person or some celebrity shopping for a new girlfriend. Gross. (Now, I'm not dissing on all TV... there are some shows that I wish we could watch, but come on after our bedtime or air on channels that we don't get).

But back to the guilty pleasures. In lieu of TV shows, my guilty pleasure has been a blog that I read that, honestly, just gets ugly. It involves name calling and belittling people and speculating about people's intentions, and it just leaves me feeling bad. So, a couple weeks ago I decided to slowly wean myself from said blog, which I have been following for several years. It was hard at first, but I am happy that it has been over a week since I checked the blog and didn't even remember about it until today. Which means that I'm on the market for a new guilty pleasure... ideas?

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Once Upon a Parent said...

starbucks...paying way too much for a cup of coffee is a great way to feel smarmy.