Friday, July 17, 2009

Glasses Surprise

Ben and I both wear glasses (him all the time, and me on occasion to give my contact-wearing eyes a break). We loooove zenni optical, where you can order a full pair of glasses, including your prescription lenses and cool frames, for around $20 including shipping!! The glasses are great, and have actually lasted longer than really expensive ones from an optomitrist. The only thing you have to do is, when you go in for your appointment, ask that they measure the distance between your pupils, because you'll need that. Other than that, you just have to know your prescription. The one down side is, obviously, you can't try the glasses on. So I suggest this: go to a glasses place and find two or three frames that you like, and then order two on the site that seem to look like the ones you tried on. You'll still pay much much less than you would at a store, and chances are that you'll like one pair.

I let Ben choose out my next set of glasses, and was pleasantly surprised by these yesterday. Perfect! Nice work, Ben.

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