Saturday, June 13, 2009

You've Served Us Well

We bought this piece of furniture while we were living at my parent's house and felt like we needed something to cook on. We didn't actually end up doing much cooking on it, but it came with us to our house, and we use it for many things: it has our "junk drawer," we use it as a buffet table, we store toys on/in it. We never know what to call it, because it's sort of many different things.

But, for a long time, we have known that it doesn't fit in our house very well... it takes up what could be much better used space. So, sniff sniff, we sold it on craigslist and someone is coming to pick it up tomorrow. Ben and I were both in agreement about selling it, but we're both feeling really sad that it's leaving us. It's almost like a member of the family. Well, hopefully I'll have some amazing pictures to show off our newly arranged living space once it's gone. Or I'll just cry.

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