Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Simplicity gets Complicated

Obviously, I'm into the whole "living the simple life" thing. I enjoy a slow pace, the simpler things in life, enjoying nature and down time with family and friends. I love a quiet house, going for walks, etc. But these last couple of weeks, with two babies in the house, there are more moments when things get a little crazy. No matter how intentional I am about keeping things low key, there are those times when both Zosia and Lily need my immediate attention, and I just can't keep everyone happy. And during those times, no matter how hard I try, things are not simple-- they're complicated. These times cause me to realize that simple living, while beautiful and relaxing, is such a luxury.

So many of the things that I love-- things like making our food from scratch, spending time together as a family, giving time and creative energy go my kids-- are things that are such a huge blessing. I have time for many of these things because I am married to an amazing man who goes to work each day to support our family, and his income supports all of us. There are people who probably also love "the simple life" whose circumstances just don't allow for such flexibility, because everyone in the household is working, or someone is tending to a sick family member, or a million other circumstances that make things complicated.

In this period in my own life, I think a saving grace is that I am not a perfectionist. We have not been doing cloth diapers with Lily, have not always been making a home-cooked meal, and have not been forcing "simplicity" when it just feels fake or complicated. We drive more often than we did when Zosia was a baby, my garden is looking pretty weedy, and I haven't made my own granola in weeks. I dream about a time that I'll have the time and energy and ability to do all those things that I love doing, but for now I'm happy with two healthy and beautiful children under my care and one supportive and loving husband at my side. And I am so beyond judging anyone for their life choices-- be it going through the drive-through at McDonalds, having a dvd player in their car, putting their kids in daycare. Because we're all trying.

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