Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Forced Sabbath

It has been a bit of a mad house around here lately. We've been finishing our basement this week, which has meant that there is a constant stream of people in and out of the house, Ben is "working from home" but actually spending lots of time supervising workers and doing work himself (and therefore having to work in the evenings to make up for it), and we have not had an actual weekend in too long-- the last two have been "working weekends." I've been trying to stay on top of house-related things, but the floors don't seem to make it 5 minutes without obtaining a few new dusty footprints, and so I've ultimately just given up.

Now, those of you who know us know that we are definitely sabbath people. Actually, we don't usually just take a sabbath on Sunday, but are good at incorporating that concept of rest and relaxation together into our daily routine. So this has all been a huge deviation from the norm, but we have kept telling ourselves that the end is in sight, and we will soon have a wonderful new space to spread our family into. But to be totally honest, working 24/7 has been stressful-- for each of us individually, for our relationship, even at times for Zosia, who largely has seemed immune from the craziness.

So yesterday when the sky opened and dumped half a foot of snow on us (a true "snowstorm" by Virginia standards), it was one of the only things that could have happened to force us to stop the craziness for a bit. Ben still worked from home, but there was no construction, we actually spent time together, and had a nice long evening with a fire going and family time. It was amazing! And I think that both of us feel like it gave us the energy to keep going for what will hopefully only be another week and a half.

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