Friday, February 27, 2009

Kitchen, Before and After

We still have some work to do, but here's where we're at right now.




One and Doll said...

So I've been meaning to ask you what is your connection to the mommy life blog that you have on the list of blogs you follow. . . it seems so unlike you somehow. The divisiveness doesn't seem like Adele. . . so am I missing a connection . . . praytell- waht is the attraction?

Adele Paz Collins said...

Okay, so about Mommylife. This is a blog that I started reading soon after zosia was born, and I totally loved the "parenting" content. Barbara Curtis, the woman who writes it, is huge on attachment parenting and montessori-style teaching, among other things (and she has 12 kids... amazing!). When I started reading, political topics were occasionally addressed, but really not central. Before the election, the blog started shifting gears to a more political blog (and at times it got ugly)-- I stopped reading for a couple of months, hoping that after the election it would return back to normal, which it hasn't. So, after finding a couple of other pareting-ish blogs, I'm taking a break from mommylife, but will check back periodically to see if the content is improving. To tell you the truth, I sort of feel like Barbara is a member of the family or something-- but one that I just don't always agree with.