Thursday, February 19, 2009

Creeped out

Ben and I have been doing some work on our kitchen since we've moved in. We started out by painting the cabinets, adding new door hardware, and putting in a tile floor (all remarkably cheap, by the way). Then over the months, Ben put in some recessed lighting, our brother in law helped put in a door to the basement, I painted the walls, and the past few days we've finally installed some extra cabinets (a pantry, a base cabinets, and some open storage) which actually make all of our kitchen-y things fit. I'll post some pictures this weekend after we're sort of officially "done" with this phase.

But, you know what's really weird? Yesterday I pulled out an old "This Old House" magazine of Ben's from November 2008 that I have no recollection of looking at, and the kitchen on the cover is our kitchen. Same cabinets, hardware, open shelves, tile floors, even paint color. And none of those things are particularly "generic" looking. So I'm thinking that either I saw the magazine and was subliminally influenced by it (which would still be weird, because most of the work we had done was before this magazine would have come out), or it's some sort of weird cosmic coincidence. Creepy.

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One and Doll said...

can you find a picture online or scan it in or something. . . I would love to see what this kitchen that is and isn't yours looks like. . . CRAZY and kind of cool!!!