Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Snow Day in Virginia

Today is the first real snow of the season, which is amazing and beautiful and I only wish I could show you pictures. Unfortunately, a certain curious toddler has discovered the joys of placing things in trash cans, and Ben and I only now have realized that she quite possibly threw away one of our phone receivers and our camera. Now, I guess I'll have to go with innocent until proven guilty, but for now Zosia is looking like a prime suspect.

But today was close to the perfect snow day. I've been fighting off a little winter bug the last couple of days, which is more pesky than anything, and it was wonderful to be forced to take a day of respite. Ben lit a fire first thing in the morning, I took a bath with Zosia, then took a morning nap, made some yummy carrot cookies with Zosia, took an afternoon nap, and then played out in the snow. Could a day be more perfect? And all the while I was chugging more liquids than I think my body has known for a long time, which seem to be doing the trick of helping this bug pass quickly. I think that I must have been slightly dehydrated before, because I'm actually feeling much better pregnancy-wise now that I've had all of those liquids.

I might sound like a snobby new-Englander, but having just experienced my first snow-storm down South, I must admit that we southerners don't know how to handle snow quite like they do in Boston. Ben and I watched cars sliding around helplessly from our front window (and there was even a small fender bender up the street)-- and this was with an inch of snow on the ground! Needless to say, the efficiency of the Boston snow-shoveling system can't be beat.

I know that many of you are also hunkering down for snow storms, and I hope you all are able to stay as cozy and warm amid the storm as we have!

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