Friday, January 30, 2009

More on Menu Planning

I just noticed this post at Biblical Womanhood, which is a blog written by one mama seriously devoted to saving money, and thought it was so apropos to yesterday's post that I had to share.
How I Plan Our Menus

Menu-planning is something I highly recommend for anyone and everyone who wants to save money.
Not only does it greatly reduce or even eliminate the need for quick stops at the drive-thru or last-minute trips to the grocery store, it also makes life much easier, organized, and sane--at least for us!

That said, how you plan your menus is not a 1-2-3 step finite process; there are probably a hundred ways to plan a menu and a hundred different methods that work for different families in different situations. Some like to plan a very structured 3-meals-a-day weekly plan and never vary from it. Some plan only their dinner main dishes and plan them a month at a time and then make whichever menu item they are in the mood for. Some just make sure and always keep their pantry stocked with the necessary items to make their favorite meals.

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