Sunday, November 30, 2008

At the Foot of the Goddess

Here is a beautiful poem that my friend Sara shared at our first female spirituality gathering last saturday (more on this later). I photocopied the poem (translated from Spanish), but forgot to write down the name of the author, so I'll edit that in as soon as I find it out:

It's true that I have betrayed you.
For years I put you off with empty arguments.
How I ignored your calls!
I wanted to plug my ears with golden
beeswax, but
your song was not that of a siren.
Even in dreams you pursued me;
you made an anvil of my poor head
and I, stubborn, refused to obey you.

But you, goddess, prevailed over me
and over the will of those who wished
to enchain me in an ancient role.

No one can say I was a coward
because in some way I knew how to resist.
You filtered in, a breath that expanded my soul.
At least I have survived, Goddess, and I speak to you,
Victor: I am yours forever.

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