Friday, March 28, 2008

The Diaper Debate

Check out this article in Slate about the diaper debate (cloth v. disposables.) I love it! It concludes, that all things considered, cloth diapers are greener than disposables, although as you can see, it's not as clear cut a victory as one would initially guess. I love cloth diapers, and the fact that they are good for the environment is only one small piece of it. They minimize diaper rash, they save us a lot of money. They double as everything from dust cloths to changing pads.

Other "green" ideas for baby care:
Using washcloths whenever possible in lieu of baby wipes
Using any and all second hand clothing available (big shout out to the Peter Collins family for this one... we're essentially set on girl's clothing for the remainder of Z's life)
Making baby food at home
Using natural cleaning products
Allowing household items to double as toys (no matter how many fancy baby toys I put in front of Zosia, she always prefers to play with a pot and wooden spoon)-- this is good for learning too!

That's all for now!

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